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Friday, May 19, 2006
I miss my brother for one very important reason. He is my black hole for gossip/opinions/theories - whatever I tell him stays with him, in a galaxy far far away from mine. Nothing I tell him is likely to come back and bite me. Now that he's away, I have to remind myself to keep my mouth shut. Sometimes I forget other people talk too. I could've avoided some recent faux pas if I'd just called him up and vented.

Its not that I don't have anyone to talk to outside my house. I thankfully get my regular dose of conversation and random small talk, just not with anyone as perfect as my brother. You need someone like that - who you can just tell (almost) everything on your mind, who's biased towards you, who's known you (relatively) forever, and who will laugh at your stupid insider jokes and vice-verca. Plus, bhaiya analyzes the smallest thing as much as I do; so we can talk for hours.
That happens with Siblings esp. ones who are very close. Me and my kid brother have a similar story... He's the inventer/doer and I'm the talker/dreamer. Are you 20, your writing doesn't reflect that!! I guess some people are writers (born or nutured).

P.S. : By the way, I found your blog through 'The Moral Animal' readers link of blogspot.
The RSS feed for your blog is not working. Just thought to let you know.

line 4, column 0: This feed uses an obsolete namespace
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feed xmlns="" version="0.3" xml:lang="en-IN"
I don't know what's wrong with it. The feed's generated by Blogger by default. Firefox is giving an error, but it works fine in Opera as well as Netvibes.
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"You write because you need to write, or because you hope someone will listen, or because writing will mend something broken inside you, or bring something back to life-" - Jay Makintosh (from Blackberry Wine) I need to write. I need to rearrange and refine sentences. I want to ponder over how to put that thought in words; so that it fits in the scheme of things just so. Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day's life.

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