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Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Picking up where I left off

Ever since my exams ended, which despite my tone was only two weeks ago, I’ve been in my taking-one-day-at-a-time mode. Putting it this way is a perfectly good excuse for doing nothing. I read. I watch movies. I play Civ III.

However, I can claim to have made some observations. I have come to realize that though I love reading, my taste in books is not as wide as I might have thought it was. My range could be narrowed down to sci-fi, fantasy and humour. And I can be obsessive in the way I gulp down books by an author once I’ve read any one. (I’m on Christopher Brookmyre right now)

My correspondence isn’t consistent ‘cause I hate staring at a blank screen and realizing that I might not have anything going on in my life. This is probably true of why I haven’t been blogging. I had much more to say when I was (learning how to) programming and had no real social life. Apparently, productivity, i.e working on something I’m good at/interested in, initiates meaningful though processes in me.

My Civ III game-play is testament to my need to micro-manage and inability to carry ideas to their completion.

Oh, and I watch way too much Friends. Another sign of my obsessiveness. Every second thing reminds me of something that happened in Friends, or something Calvin or Hobbes said, or the spin Terry Pratchett put on it. And I have to stop myself from expanding on that list.

Anyway, its good to have got all that out. I might, just might, be inspired enough to do stuff. But I have to admit to myself that the last two weeks have been nice enough. It went off smoothly, with very minimal “What am I doing with my life?” angst. Two weeks of almost nothing after a month and a half of extended exam time and just before a family shaadi in Delhi and college re-opening isn’t that big a crime.

she is back \:D/ she is back =D>

welcome home >:D<

great to see you here again. so you too a good reader (if not avid!). Yeah happens with me too- i am reminded of some line by Calvin/Hobs/Sus or my own writings or someone's blog while going about day to day life.

and heyyy u are a a rock fan! whoa - welcome to the R-club:D rite now me listening to stuck in a moment (my all time fav, from ur first post!)

good going then.... hoping to see you here more often now :)
have blasting days [rains ;;)]
Oops mixed up Aruni's first post here #-o D'oh silly me. SORRY

but do u listen to rock :-?
good to see you back :-)
i was hunting for someone called "dipika" and ran into your blog entries. Pretty cool writing. Reminds me of my undergrad days. Seems like every generation goes through the same roller coaster. Enjoy :)
and to think of it there are those of us who would kill to have such times !
you have been tagged. visit this.
hi.....nice picture.....
- Avik Gupta.....Kolkata...India
Interesting... ^_^
Hey...Al. :) Where've you been?
Normal people don't communicate on some comment-page on a blog. Most people write comments on other people's blogs, not their own :p
Thought you might want to use this for your blog

Thanks :)
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