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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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**Any resemblance with a person living is absolutely not coincidental and evidently intended. **

College is not like what they show in movies. No sudden go-aheads from parents to live your life your way. No college radio dedicated to gossip and the occasional basketball match. No lounging around with a group of friends all day (read: bunking; Its all relative) in a classy canteen. No chances to fool an absent-minded professor. No distinct groups of people: one hot snobby girl and her entourage, the stud and his group, the class clown, the tomboyish girl playing basketball, the spectacled naïve padhaku (male or female; the sucker who actually attends classes in the college) and the black-leather wearing villain and his group. No love in the air, magnetically bringing couples (make that people) together.

So said the principal of St Stephens in a speech I read before I applied to colleges. [Not in so many words. Not in these words. Strictly my interpretation, but this was his broad drift.]

Now that I’ve been in college for some time, I can comment. Sure, they are no classy canteens with students in Manish Malhotra creations; such infrastructure was never expected. Studying, at least attending classes, is unfortunately part of the deal. Absent-minded professors are in very short supply – they always remember that they kicked you out last class. And frankly, black leather is suicide in the summer (or winter, for that matter) in Calcutta.

But love is definitely in the air. Kind of contagious, too. On the surface, there don’t seem to be that many couples around – moving around in groups has its advantages. There doesn’t seem to be that much drama either. But look a little closer (really, not that much observation is required) and there are movie plots playing themselves out! There are so many love stories in potentia, so to speak, as it were, quote unquote. Of course real life is stranger than fiction. So, though the traditional love triangle is still popular; it’s upgraded, in many cases, to higher geometrical structures. There are multi-tasking girls, instead of Archie/Raj/Rahul clones, spoilt for choice. There are some not-thought-through and rather premature proposals resulting in threats. There are messages of "Tell him I love so-and-so" being relayed by friends. There are the time-honoured warring girl and boy, who have a soft spot for each other.

There’s just so much to sort out at one go. This was just a teaser and there’s going to be more. It’s fun to be the observer. It might even be fun for those who can read between the lines or know the particulars of what I’m talking about.

Update: Mr Mittra - The Elderly One, (Again, by his demand) Supreme Knower Of All, Been There Everywhere - demands due recognition for some of his input here. Here you go!

Update (Again):
Mr Mittra would rather have me replace "by his demand" to "by public demand". Yeah right!
"You write because you need to write, or because you hope someone will listen, or because writing will mend something broken inside you, or bring something back to life-" - Jay Makintosh (from Blackberry Wine) I need to write. I need to rearrange and refine sentences. I want to ponder over how to put that thought in words; so that it fits in the scheme of things just so. Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day's life.

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